Saturday, October 20, 2007

Inside Islam: Faith vs. Fanatics: Denmark

This is the first post I'm making, while watching "Inside Islam: Faith vs. Fanatics." My intention is to give a more-or-less real-time description and review of the film, which is interspersed with FOX News interviews.

In Denmark, not so long ago, one young man killed another, they're both Muslims. A local imam wanted to try the case under sharia law. He decided that one family should pay the other a certain amount of money: and that the Danish authorities fussed simply because they didn't understand Islam.

The imam is still working for sharia law in Denmark - and Europe.

Naser Khader, an elected member of the Danish parliament and a Muslim, thinks this is a bad idea. For this, he's been called a "traitor" to Islam.

According to Said Mansour, the minute member of parliament Khader stopped being a Muslim when he entered parliament. On a positive note, Said Mansour says he wants an Islamic society in Europe, a parallel society to the local European society.

PBS didn't like this segment. Since one of the Islamists said that he wanted a Caliphate in Europe, and the film implied this was a good idea, PBS said that the film was biased.

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