Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hamas Facing Logical Consequences: And the Jews Are to Blame

Jews seem to be very excitable.

They get mad, just because they're getting killed when rockets come down in more-or-less random spots.

They're violent, too:

"Israeli tanks rolled into the Gaza Strip on Saturday night, widening its war on Palestinians...." (Arab News)

Israeli leaders have a typically narrow view of this complex and delicate situation:

" 'We want to create a situation where the civilian population in southern Israel is no longer on the receiving end of those deadly Hamas rockets. When quiet can be achieved, this operation can be finished,' Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev ...." (CNN)

Enough of being 'Sophisticated'

Israel's leaders - and people - are fed up with Hamas attacks on strategic schools and students, and tactical markets.

And they're doing what the 'international community' isn't interested in doing: keeping Hamas and like-minded Muslims from killing Jews.

I think the use of infantry at this point underscores Israel's concern with stopping Hamas without killing allegedly-innocent Palestinians. Hamas has an established habit of throwing things at the Jews and then running for cover behind women, children, and old men. It would be much easier for Israeli forces to obliterate Hamas targets and the suicide-bombers-in-training they're using as shields.

But, Israel isn't doing that. They're going in with a ground force: presumably to be more selective in exactly what and who they attack.

Hamas in Trouble: Time to Blame the Jews

As I'm writing this, the United Nations Security Council is meeting. On the table is a proposal from Libya, the Security Council's only Arab member, to - what else? - condemn Israel and tell the Jews to get out of Gaza.

Hamas? From what I've heard, we won't hear much about Hamas from the U.N. Security Council. No news there.

A Prediction

Based on what I've seen over the decades, here's what's happening, and what will happen:
  • Hamas is running out of ammunition, and hiding places
  • Israel will be condemned as the oppressor aggressor
  • Israel will be forced to stop inconveniencing Hamas
  • 'Humanitarian' aid will re-stock Palestinian munitions

Palestinians, Israel, and a Little Common Sense

I've studied the history of the contemporary state of Israel. I think that some Palestinians might, possibly, have a legitimate grievance over land ownership. One that, in a civilized world, would be settled in a court of law.

The Middle East is clearly not part of any civilized world, and so quite a few Palestinians kill Jews. In addition to apparently making them feel better, quite a few of the Palestinians seem to think that if they die while killing Jews, they get a harem of 72 virgins.

What they think they get for killing Jews without getting killed in the process, I don't know.

I would be quite a bit more sympathetic for those Palestinians who are not actively involved in terrorism, if it weren't for their friends and supporters: and the "it is the fault of the Jews" argument that permeates discussions of their situation.

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