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"Go Back to the Oven" Message to Jews: Not in the News

A woman in a hijab have practical advice to Jews last month in Fort Lauderdale, Florida:

"Go back to the ovens! You need a big oven, that's what you need!"

In a way, I appreciate her practicality. She was offering an achievable final solution to the presence of Jews who defiled the Fort Lauderdale sidewalks, right in view of the woman's right-thinking fellow-demonstrators.

The Final Solution to the Jewish Question - Here We Go Again?

That "You need a big oven, that's what you need" refers to the practical issues that Germany's national socialists had to face, while incinerating Jewish bodies some sixty years ago. Turns out, burning people to a crisp on that scale requires large facilities.

Later, the woman acknowledged that her remark might be interpreted as "insensitive," but would not condemn her comment.

She and several other proponents of a final solution to the Jewish question were part of the ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) Coalition demonstration in Fort Lauderdale. ANSWER has sponsored many demonstrations like this across America.

An ANSWER state coordinator, Emmanuel Lopez, explained that there might be some anti-Semitism in his organization. But, hey: these high-minded ANSWER people were forced to share the air with "barbaric, racist" Zionist terrorists.

That would be the little group supporting Israel, across the street.

Mr Lopez explained that "Zionism in general is a barbaric, racist movement that really is the cause of the situation in the entire Middle East," a view clearly supported by his followers.

"Go Back to the Oven" is Not News

At least, I haven't found it in the traditional news media, or the more 'intelligent' cable and online news services.

Actually, I found it in two places: The Los Angeles Times (January 6), and FOXNews (January 8). This little "back to the oven" faux pas2 may have shown up in national news elsewhere, but certainly wasn't given much prominence.

I did, however, find a video of these supporters of peace, brotherhood, and Hamas, on YouTube:

Pro-Hamas Demonstration - Fort Lauderdale FL

YouTube (December 30, 2008)
video (9:12)

Some Palestinians Might Have a Grievance: But is Genocide the Answer?

"Go steal other lands!"
"Go back to the ovens! You need a big oven, that's what you need!"

The young woman seems very sincere in her beliefs, and she offers a very practical solution to the Jewish question.

As I've said before, some Palestinians might have a dispute over land ownership which could be heard in a court of law.

However, practical as killing all those "barbaric, racist" Zionists (and all the other Jews, just to be thorough) might be, this approach to "the Jewish question" has been tried before. It didn't work out quite the way that German national socialists hoped it would.

In fact, what went on in places like Dachau and Auschwitz proved to be a bit of an embarrassment for Germany over the decades.

Third Reich Rhetoric Not Newsworthy?

Calling people you don't like "Nazis" is old hat, and has lost some of its power over the decades.

On the other hand, when a young woman, apparently speaking what's on the minds of many like-thinking people, publicly advocates a return to the failed policies of the Third Reich, I think that it might be reasonable to recall the last time that someone came up with a "final solution to the Jewish question."

"Back to the Oven" - Traditional News Media Just Doesn't Get It

As for the way that traditional news media has politely ignored this story, I think it's another example of how many reporters and editors just don't get it.

It's one thing to be open minded: but it looks like places like The New York Times and CBS News have let their brains fall out.

Fort Lauderdale, Zionists, and Being Insightful

An op-ed in the Los Angeles Times, "Who're the real Nazis?" suggests that a major reason for Israel's failure to exterminate all Palestinians is that Israel isn't trying to commit genocide.

I should warn you, the author's name is Jonah Goldberg. With a name like that, he might be Jewish. So, for those who agree with that young woman in the hijab, I suggest that you stop reading. You don't want to get your eyes dirty.
Excerpt from "Who're the real Nazis?"
"...The Fort Lauderdale outburst is just one window on the upside-down world of Israel hatred. Across the Islamic world, and in too many points West, it is still considered a penetrating and poignant insight to call Zionists the 'new Nazis.' For instance, in Sunday's Gulf News, Mohammad Abdullah al Mutawa, a sociology professor at United Arab Emirates University, penned an essay titled 'Zionists are the new Nazis.' He began: 'Today, the whole world stands as a witness to the fact that the Nazi Holocaust was a mere lie, which was devised by the Zionists to blackmail humanity.'... "
(Los Angeles Times)

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