Monday, July 23, 2007

Cards-to-the-Troops Campaign by Xerox

Let's Say Thanks: not a bad idea.

In what may be a cynical attempt to gain profit from the suffering of others, Xerox joined with Give2TheTroops, the Boys and Girls Clubs, and other organizations, to send postcards to U.S. troops overseas. The postcards display drawings from children living in many states.

I prefer to see this as an opportunity to provide a few seconds of relief to someone serving overseas, and to let that person know that they're not forgotten, back here in the States.

The campaign is called Let's Say Thanks In Support of Our Troops. It took me about 90 seconds to select a card design and something to put on the back.

For those who are concerned about violating their principles, this anecdote may help: Someone with scruples about flag-waving and statements of support found a card (I believe it had a heart with the words "Made in the USA."). This person didn't use any of the pre-written messages, opting to write his own.

Is this program effective? Responses, purportedly From the Troops are available at Let's Say Thanks' website.

And, for those who would rather hear from a non-military source, there's Celebrities Say Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I am dedicating this post to all of our soldiers in Iraq and other states fighting for our country! Young men get drafted into the army and most are not really aware of the corruptness of the government with every political issue or economic issue.
These young men in the army are literally fighting for their lives since it is their 'nations duty'
Lets all take a moment and really admire our talented individuals fighting for our lives too..

Brian H. Gill said...


Spam for a page about "Xerox Ink Sticks and Xerox Solid Ink for Phaser" ?!

I'm letting this stand, since you made an interesting statement: "...Young men get drafted into the army and most are not really aware of the corruptness of the government with every political issue or economic issue...."

For the benefit of people who get their information from Code Pink and Berkeley, America hasn't had a military draft since 1973.

Maybe it's time for me to revisit the general topic of "911 Was an Inside Job! Our Boys Need to Know! " (June 10, 2008).

Xerox 8500 ink said...

I now see exactly whats going with this world. If you say yes, the others say no, its a tough world out there in order to get ahead..
But, as long you stay up, keep your head up right, do your homework like the Mister that wrote this well written piece did.
Sooner or later, you'll have a plan and succeed, so its never too late to begin, start now! Don't procrastinate, get to organizing your life and you too will make it in the business world! :)

Brian H. Gill said...

Xerox 8500 ink,

Thanks for the encouraging words - I like to think that badger-like tenacity pays off in the long run.

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