Friday, October 10, 2008

Sarah Palin Ankle Photo: Anybody Who thinks this is Sexy is Depraved?

I'd say that election coverage has hit bottom, except that the Reuters photo would have to go a couple of feet higher.

Different people see this photo, showing Sarah Palin's ankles, with a young man looking up at her - face? - differently. No surprises there.

Some see it as sexist, treating a candidate's appearance differently: depending on whether it's a man, a woman, or whatever.

Another came up with " 'If this hits your sexual urges then wow, you are depraved,' " Which should effectively inhibit discussion. After all, nobody wants to be called depraved, right?

Others blame Palin. There's a writeup and excerpts from an informal survey at "Viewers' Perspectives Widespread on Palin Leg Photo" (FOXNews (October 10, 2008)) (I know what some people think of FOXNews, but that's where I found that "you are depraved" bit of analysis.)

Whatever else can be said of this American presidential election, it isn't boring.
Again, this blog isn't political, but America's leaders are chosen through a political process.

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