Tuesday, October 21, 2008

LittleBigPlanet PlayStation Game Recalled to Avoid Sunni Snit

Imagine the horror!

If Sony hadn't recalled LittleBigPlanet, some Sunni might have heard the sound track, and the verses from the Quran in one of the songs.

Turns out that, although Muslims in general and most Sunnis don't mind hearing quotes from the Quran, and can tolerate music, some really 'strict' Sunnis don't approve of instrumental music of any sort.

So, Sony pulled their new PlayStation game, and won't release it until it's been purged of those 'insulting' verses from the Quran. I've read, though, that some copies of the game, with the Quran quotes, are for sale on eBay.

Since Some Sunnis Don't Like Instrumental Music ...

While Sony is at it, they'd better pull every video game they've got that has music in the sound tracks. A Sunni, somewhere, might be insulted.

Why stop there? I'll stop short of suggesting that all orchestra conductors be beheaded for contributing to the anguish of Sunnis, but I think that, if Sony is going to be this sensitive, orchestras around the world should take note of Sony's multiculturalism, stop making music immediately, and disband.

After destroying their instruments, of course.

As for recordings of the Beach Boys, Beatles, and Beethoven: those obviously must be destroyed, too.

Or - and I realize this is a radical idea - maybe Sony could have let LittleBigPlanet go on the shelves, and let the ultra-super-extra-holy fringe of the Sunnis use this as an occasion to remind themselves of how much better they are than everyone else.

I remember the days when television studios took great care that words like G** never got on their programs and that pregnant women didn't appear on screen: to avoid offending some crackpot micro-denomination, somewhere in the Midwest.

I live in the Midwest, I'm a Christian, and I thought it was silly then. I still think it was silly. And I don't think that this sort of hypersensitivity to the psychological twitchiness of fringe groups is good sense, even if they're some flavor of Islam.

Maybe Sony Should Scrap LittleBigPlanet Completely - It May Get Worse

(from Sony, via FOXNews, used without permission)
"Time to play cowboys and Indians in a screen shot from 'LittleBigPlanet.' "

Playing cowboys and Indians??!! What was Sony thinking?! Back in the eighties, I had to take classes about Indian sensitivities before I was allowed to be a teacher. And that screenshot is just the sort of horrific stereotype I was taught to avoid.

Not that I took the classes too seriously. Particularly since the only Indian in one of them endured the nonsense for a several days before delivering a loud, obscene, and (in my opinion) entirely justified negative assessment of the course and the way it was approaching the subject.

Enough with the the personal reminiscences.

I think I understand why Sony took this step. In some circles, people and companies get status by pandering to the quirks of select ethnic and religious groups.

And, Sony may have been afraid that anti-instrumental Sunnis would send suicide bombers to Sony headquarters, if that sound track was released. Making assumptions like that is a sort of insult to Islam, too, but I've been ranting for long enough as it is.

Too bad about this: many people will have to wait for what looks like a charming game.

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