Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What Would Constitute "Success" in Iraq: And How Could "Success" be Achieved?

I ended the last post with an implied question as to what would be "success" in Iraq, by the traditional news media's standards.

"Success," I think, would not be merely a total and immediate withdrawal from Iraq. The withdrawal would have to be part of a global disengagement of American aggressor armed forces, followed by the dissolution of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and (for the most part) Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard would continue, after restructuring, as an agent for change and ecological responsibility, saving whales, manatees, and sharks who are endangered by the cancerous human encroachments on their sovereign territories.

I suggest that this transition might be expedited by the adaptation of a tactic used with mixed success some forty years ago.

I submit that, should the younger and more attractive female anti-war activists burn their bras in front of the White House, this would provide an incentive for the largely-male American armed forces to accept retirement.

In such an eventuality, I think we could have "success," by the standards of the traditional news media, and all the (self-described) best thinkers of America.

Peace, man! Groove on.

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