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Embrace Peace or I'll Kill You! Violent Peace Lovers (Not) in the News

You won't see this in the news.

No, that's not true. I did read about "The Sedition Report" in the news: "Report Cites Increase in Attacks on Military Recruiting Centers" FOXNews (March 26, 2008). But I've learned that for many people, FOX News isn't news, it's ultra-right-wing radical propaganda.

Mainstream, or Traditional, News

So, I checked a more 'reputable' source, looking for articles about attacks on military recruiting centers, or peace protesters, and found this: One of them wasn't even about peace protesters in America: but it showed up in my 'peace protester' search. Apparently, the only violence against a recruiting center is a bomb that happened to go off in Times Square.

As for peace protesters, "College students from New Jersey to North Dakota have planned walkouts, while students at the University of Minnesota vowed to shut down military recruiting offices on campus." They are nobly motivated, these peace protesters: "Craig Etchison, 62, a retired college professor from Cumberland, Maryland, and a Vietnam veteran, said he has been protesting the war for years.

" 'I've watched with horror as Bush has lied about this war,' he said in front of the building. "I'm appalled at the number of civilians we've killed just as we did in Vietnam.' " CNN (March 19, 2008).

Now that's news!

CNN shows their "real" America: anti-war protesters demonstrating for peace and social justice, earnestly striving to educate the masses and sway an uncaring establishment with cries of "Out of Iraq," "No war, no warming," and "No blood for Oil!".

And, best of all, a reference to Vietnam!

It's enough to warm the heart of any child of the sixties.

The problem is that this is the 21st century.

It's not just CNN. They're just one of the more successful - and, for the most part, a-political - of the traditional news outlets.

Wake Up! It's 2008!

Quite a bit has changed in the last forty years, but at least two things haven't:
  • "Peace," or "anti-war," protesters
  • How they are handled in traditional news media
Although many peace protesters are content with carrying signs and giving fuzz the one-finger salute, some carry their anti-war fever further, setting off bombs in their efforts to achieve world peace.

Odd, how people who advocate military action on terrorists, with the intent of bringing peace to a region, are 'hypocrites,' while people who hate violence and bomb military recruiting offices - aren't.

I know the excuse: the anti-war bombers aren't trying to kill anyone. But get real: sooner or later, there'll be collateral damage in one of those attacks.

But wait: There's only been that one attack, in Times Square, and maybe another one someplace else, right?


Anti-Military Activist Violence: Not Ripped From the Headlines

"The Sedition Report" is "a report of the numerous anti-military acts committed by groups right here in the United States. This list is constantly being updated ..." This report is the work of Move America Forward, "a non-partisan, not-for-profit charitable organization committed to supporting America’s efforts to defeat terrorism and supporting the brave men and women of our Armed Forces." (Talk about radical!)

Move America Forward's executive director, Catherine Moy, and a military spokesperson were quoted by FOXNews, commenting on the report:

" 'We hope that people will see the report and see that this is not just one or two incidents,' Moy said. 'They are attacking these institutions to try to stop the war even as we are winning the war.'

"Moy continued: 'These people will stop at nothing.'

"The Pentagon reviewed the report but couldn't confirm that the more than 50 incidents listed were actual 'attacks.'

" 'Beyond incidents of vandalism, it's obviously difficult to count non-violent protests as an actual attack since these demonstrations usually do not result in deliberate acts against the U.S. military,' said Paul Boyce, a U.S. Army spokesman at the Pentagon."

The Pentagon, as usual, was very cautious in its statement. However, I'd say that the following might be considered attacks, even by the Pentagon's narrow definition:
  • Broken windows
    (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 19)
  • Broken Recruiting center, from a bombing
    (New York City, New York, March 6)
  • More broken windows
    (Minneapolis, Minnesota, February 22)
  • $1,000 worth of damage
    (Beaumont, Texas, January 1, 2008)
And that's just a selection from the thirteen incidents listed so far this year.

Where Shall We go? What Shall We Do?

Unlike Rhett, I do care about those questions. I've read people saying that they'll leave the country, if some candidate wins the election. I don't think that's a good idea, if you're already in America.

I've thought seriously, a few times in my life, about moving: and each time, after serious research, I couldn't find a better place to live. Particularly when it came to being allowed to express opinions that aren't officially approved.
If Running Away is Out - What's Left?
Use your head. We live in the Information Age: Exploit those (information) resources.
  1. Realize that traditional, or "main stream," news outlets publish 'all the news we feel like printing.'
    • Their news isn't going to include anything that doesn't agree with their notion of what the world should be like.
  2. Think when you read and listen.
  3. Research topics that interest or concern you.
    • Services like Google are a great help, as long as you remember the difference between an assertion and a fact.
  4. Use your brain, not your endocrine system, to make choices.
    • Emotions are great for motivating us, but lousy for making rational decisions.
And vote. But that's a topic for another post.

I've written about paradoxical peace protesters before: "Embrace Peace or I'll Kill You! More Violent Peace Lovers" (March 7, 2008)

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