Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Code Pink Disrupts "The Sedition Report" Release

My guess is that you didn't read this in the news.

Not unless you read "Violent Attacks By Anti-War Radicals Against Military Recruiting Centers" in Newsblaze (Folsom, California).

Here's more of what I think should have been headline news, but wasn't: "... Then, midway through the news conference, members of Code Pink, International ANSWER and Global Exchange start heckling, screaming, yelling."
From the Duke" March 14, 2008)

'All the news we want to print.'

I wrote more about traditional news media's habit of not publishing what they don't want us to know in "Embrace Peace or I'll Kill You! Violent Peace Lovers (Not) in the News" (March 26, 2008)


Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

It annoys me that this happens, should we be surprised?

Though I do want people to know...

Violent Attacks By Anti-War Radicals Against Military Recruiting Centers

Code Pink and Anti-War Groups Hysterical Over Report

"This weekend a new report was released detailing a campaign of violence by supposed "peace" protestors against military recruiting centers across the United States".

"Titled "The Sedition Report," the document released by the pro-troop organization Move America Forward (website: followed a month-long exhaustive investigation into actions by anti-war activists against military recruiting centers including bombs planted at recruiting centers (Times Square - NY and St.Louis, MO), shots fired at a recruiting center (Denver, CO), firebombing of recruiters cars (in Alabama and Maryland), manure and feces smeared across recruiting centers (Toledo, OH and Milwaukee, WI) and on and on."

Read more at:

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