Friday, March 7, 2008

Embrace Peace or I'll Kill You! More Violent Peace Lovers

There's an interesting post, a sort of backgrounder for yesterday's Times Square bombing: "Make Incendiary Devices, Not War" Iraq War News (March 6, 2008).

What stands out in the post is the recounting of previous attacks by, ah, "anti-war" demonstrators. The ways of the peacenik are strange.

Since these events are related to the War on Terror, and aren't getting much attention, I've taking the liberty of making a list of events the Iraq War News blogger referred to. While I was at it, I added little extra information: Each of these incidents might be written off as a fairly minor act of some overwrought person. Put together like this, they show a pattern of violence in "anti-war" circles that's disturbing.

I made it through the sixties: I'd just as soon not repeat the experience.
1the 19-year old Manhattan College student who was arrested for making a third-rate Molotov cocktail and gluing a door shut had a handwritten note promising a "wave of violence" throughout the Northeast, aimed at the "military industrial complex." "Military industrial complex?" I haven't heard that phrase since the sixties and seventies. I suppose it's been cherished over the decades, by people who didn't want the spirit of the sixties to die out.

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