Monday, March 3, 2008

Not All Terrorists are Muslims: ELF Torches Houses in Washington

WFAA in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas, reported "Radical environmental group linked to arson fires" this morning.

It's a pretty strong set of links.
  • Fires broke out at many points at the same time
  • According to a broadcast report, the fires started with a series of explosions, and ignition devices were found
  • The "Street of Dreams" model homes were being built to encourage people to buy luxury homes at $2,000,000 each (plutocratic oppressors living in luxury while the masses starve?)
    • (I've noticed that ELF seems to prefer burning down places desire by rich people)
  • Investigators found a sign that hadn't been there before the fires
  • The 5-foot-square sign read, in part, "Built Green? Nope black!" and was signed "ELF"
ELF is a cute acronym for Earth Liberation Front, a bunch of people who have earned a reputation for environmental terrorism over the last decade or so.

Terrorism? I'd say so. It's hard to call this sort of 'statement' anything else, with explosive devices used to destroy millions of dollars of property, and endanger the lives of everyone in the area. says that $7,000,000 worth of damage was done.

Islamic? Hardly. If anything, ELF reeks of the old-fashioned 'power to the people' enthusiasts of the 20th century.

Background on ELF

CNN reports that: "According to the FBI, the Earth Liberation Front claimed responsibility for burning five townhomes under construction on November 20, 2005, in Hagerstown, Maryland. Fire officials investigating the scene determined that kerosene was used as the accelerant in the arson, the FBI said.

"Last year, 10 people, including self-proclaimed members of the ELF and members of another organization called the Animal Liberation Front, were convicted for a string of arson fires that totaled more than $40 million in damage, according to an August statement by the U.S. Justice Department."

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