Monday, March 24, 2008

Freedom of Speech: America and Dubai

Dubai seems to be a quite charming part of the world. I've posted about some of the remarkable architectural projects there in another blog.

But, all things considered, I'd rather deal with Minnesota winters, than Dubai's benevolent dictatorship.

I learned that FLCKR is banned there: and that at least part of GO! Smell the Flowers got banned. The GO! ban might have been in China, though, since the 'objectionable' material involved Tibet: or "Xizang," as China likes to call the 'province' they conquered in the fifties.

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Anonymous said...

Hi from Dubai!

As 2 brits living here we have adjusted to the East meets West vision and having studied on the West Coast of the U.S (Cal Poly) and love travelling this was a no brainer for us to come and smell the flowers here...

HOWEVER - it is a dictatorship we live in - by no means a Saudi Arabia (there are a few hundred bars here as part of Hotels here and its a relatively safe n crime free place to live) which is about to go through major change with the population bulge...

Rumours are the with oil going up again Dubai may depeg from the $ if this stops =we'll have to see...

Oh it turns out our site is fully accessible in dubai - flickr isn't - neither is the ENTOURAGE application on consistency in what is banned and what is not...

Anyway - we'll keep you posted...

GO! Smell the flowers

Brian H. Gill said...

GO! Smell the flowers,

Thanks for the comments, and insight.

And, I'd certainly appreciate it, if you'd keep me (and this blog) posted.

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