Friday, March 7, 2008

Times Square Bombing: "We Did It" Didn't

Coincidences do happen, even incredible ones.

Looks like those "we did it" letters coming just before the Times Square recruiting office bombings is an example.
"Leads in Times Square bombing fizzle"
CNN (March 7, 2008)

" 'The letter's really innocuous,' New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told CNN's 'American Morning' Friday. 'It's really advice to the Democratic Party as to how to win the 2008 election.'

"The letters drew suspicion because they were delivered to members of Congress the day of the bombing and included a picture of the recruitment station with the words, 'We did it.'

"Kelly said the letter writer claims the picture was the writer's 2006 holiday card and the words 'We did it' referred to the Democrats' takeover of Congress in that year's elections."
I think it's curious, and revealing, that "really innocuous" advice to Democratic politicians, although missing a specific threat, looked enough like a terrorist's statement to warrant investigation.

On the other hand, yesterday a Republican sympathizer claimed that the "We did it" letters were some kind of Democratic plot. Turns out, he was right: in a way.

When we heard that investigators had cleared the author of those letters and/or manifestos, I was suspicious: American law enforcement is smart, and efficient, but that was extremely fast work.

Now, with more facts coming out, the decision to write off the letters as part of the recruitment center attack makes more sense. The 'campaign advice' interpretation certainly explains why only Democrats got the messages.

Meanwhile, at the Canadian border, there's another lead which may or may not have anything to do with the bombing. Three people were coming from New York to Canada last month.
"As the car was routinely searched, a backpack with pictures of New York, including ones of Times Square and at least one showing the recruiting station, was found. Canadian authorities also found some anarchist material...."
Here's a pretty safe prediction: This investigation is going to take a long time, and crazy claims will be made, by liberals, conservatives, and people who aren't even on that continuum, whose dedication to an ideology has trumped their reason.

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