Thursday, March 6, 2008

On the Other Hand, This Isn't the Sixties

"UrbanConservative is on Wikipedia" Urban Conservative (March 4, 2008)

That's "Urban Conservative," not "Ultra Conservative." Earlier today ("Recruiting Center Blast ... Deja Vu All Over Again"), I wrote about how today seemed like a flashback from the sixties.

An "Urban Conservative" directory showing up in Wikipedia is something that just wouldn't have happened in the groovy decade. For starters, the Internet as we know it didn't exist then. More to the point, ordinary people didn't have easy access to any information source, other than the news.

The news, where daily body counts and the most horrific photos available were delivered in time for the evening meal, and where America learned that VFW members were all grossly obese, wore 26 inch belts under their guts, and could only be photographed in full-body profile.

The good old days? You can have them!

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