Monday, March 31, 2008

"I will kill you, Bush, because that is your fate..."
That's a Kiddie Show, Folks

President Bush orphaned the child, so it's okay: he's avenging his father.

This charming kiddie show, on Hamas TV (Al-Aqsa TV, more properly), aired yesterday.

At this time, a video is available, at (Middle East Media Research Institute TV Monitor Project (March 30, 2008)). There's some editing (which could have been done before the video was aired), but what's left is hardly a "sound bite." It's a lengthy (4:45) puppet drama.

The video has its original soundtrack, with English subtitles.

I suppose this could be
  1. Another one of those 'CIA plots:' like
    • Blowing up New York City's World Trade Center to give Bush an excuse to invade Iraq
    • Creating AIDS to kill black people
  2. Another example of anti-American propaganda
  3. An insightful and symbolic portrayal of the effect of a male-dominated, authoritarian, hierarchal anglo-American power structure's imperialistic tendencies on emergent psycho-social developmental paradigms
I vote for option 2.

What's remarkable is that there seem to be quite a few people in America who seem to think along the lines of this puppet show. It's not the same thing, of course: they speak English, and don't have the child-puppet's flair for expression.

All the News We Feel Like Printing

What's also remarkable is that this over-the-top video isn't news. At least, to date I haven't been able to find it on 'mainstream,' traditional news sources. On the other hand, it has shown up in the blogosphere, and on two news services that aren't of the old alphabet-soup ABC/NBC/CBS/PBS fraternity:

"Puppet Show From Hamas TV Shows Child Stabbing Bush"
FOXNews (March 31, 2008)

" 'Bush killed' in Palestinian kids TV show
Repeatedly stabbed after White House 'turned into a great mosque' "
FOXNews (March 31, 2008)

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