Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"the Catholics are super-duper terrorists:" Who Knew?

Once in a while, a comment comes along that deserves special attention. One of the myriad Anonymouses left a doozy last week. I'd have shared this earlier, but I'm just now catching up on comments and correspondence.

I've been a fan of speculative fiction for decades, and enjoy some alternate-history or alternate-world stories. This fellow, though, may actually believe what's written.

I don't, but then I'm a Catholic. And Anonymous warns about what they're like.

So What?

This comment is an example of something I've written about from time to time: No group has a monopoly on crackpots and crazies. I would enjoy the (unintentional?) humor of the comment: but, if Anonymous really believes what was written, it isn't all that funny.

On the other hand, the comment might be the work of a college student with a bit of free time, Internet access, and a somewhat sophomoric sense of humor.

I think the comment was sincere, though. Long before New York City's World Trade Center was destroyed, I had become accustomed to people who knew things that just weren't so: which is why I linked to a number of posts in another blog.

I'm using a slightly different format for this post: Anonymous's comment, in its entirety, will follow "related posts."

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Now, finally, that comment:

"the Catholics are super-duper terrorists"

A comment dated March 25, 2009, left on "Murderous Muslims, Catholic Extermination Camps, and Common Sense" (February 8, 2009).
Anonymous said...

Both the Catholics and Muslims are Satanic Cults. As a matter of fact if people weren't so ignorant, they would know that: 1.) The Catholic Church is NOT a Religious Organization but is a Political Organization; 2.) The Catholic Church violates EVERYTHING in the Bible and is not Christian at all, but a Satanic Mass-Murdering Cult steeped in Witchcraft, Satanism and materialistically disguised as being "Christian" to fool as many people as possible, usually the Bible-Illiterate people; 3.) The Vatican back in 620 A.D. set up and financed Islam, as their non-European minions of hitmen to kill off all the real Christians outside of Europe, as the Catholic Cult was killing off the real Christians inside of Europe.

Even Mohammed's wife Kadajah, her real name was Mary and was a Catholic, who aided Mohammed in monies and supplies so he could take down all the Arab Armies at Mecca and force them to the Vatican-authored, "Islam". This is another way Europe ruined the original source of civilization and the Bible, which is the Middle East, then forcefully replaced it with the Satanic Cult of Islam.

Many Muslims are ignorant too, and those who do read the entire Koran and find out what Islam really is, usually leave Islam, by sneaking out and never coming back, about 10 million per year do out of the 1.1 Billion Muslims.

The so-called "Jews" are Turkish Khazars, who have nothing to do with the real Jews of the Bible, but invented their own version of what a Jew is. Also the Ashkenazi Germans did the same. These groups are no more "Jews" as any other descendents of the same stock anywhere else in the rest of Europe and Asia. It was just another way they could commit mass-murder and get away with it, as if they were some "chosen people". Catholics and Muslims along with the fake Jews all are Satanic Cults. Also, many False Christians are out there too who don't know Jesus, His Words and The Bible, but only their little cult organization's "church" and their false teachings.

If you want to get rid of Islam, then you'll have to get rid of the non-Christian cult of Catholicism, maybe by nuking the Vatican off the map, followed by Mecca and of course D.C. All three have nothing to do with even the nation's they are located in except for exploiting, lying and murdering the people they are surrounded by.

If people knew the real truth, then they wouldn't be surprised why Muslims are exterminating Catholics. Catholics are worst than Muslims, because they give us real Bible-Literate Christians a bad name. If Catholics just came out and admitted they worship Satan and pretend to be Christian, then it would be a whole lot easier to deal with this mess.

Don't be deceived, Catholics are of the Roman Saturnic Religion of Lucifer, they worship the Sun, Saturn, Baphomet, Satan, Mammon, not The Lord God Most High.

If you want Biblical Proof that Catholics are NOT Christians, please visit this site for the proofs and facts:

Islam is another Satanic Cult, but the blame goes to the Beast itself, the Vatican. Since Catholics are steeped in man-made Satanic Doctrines, then expect everyone outside of their circles to tolerate their garbage, they have no right to complain when people in other nations round them up and shoot them.

Catholics are the arch-terrorists on Earth along with the fake Jews (Communists).

If the Muslims are killing them off, then good, maybe Catholics will learn their lesson and keep to themselves. One day their entire wealth from all the mass-murder and slavery they're into, will be siezed from them and the Vatican will be leveled.

Eventually all the other false religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Atheism, Communism & Socialism (religion of the super-rich as "gods" over all common people aka "fuedalism"), eventually all these cults will be destroyed.

Know the facts, the Muslims might be terrorists, but the Catholics are super-duper terrorists.
March 25, 2009 4:11 AM


Anonymous said...


Brian H. Gill said...


I couldn't have put it better, myself. Thanks for the comment.

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