Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nero Was Working for the Christians: Who Knew?

A post in this blog, " 'Inside Islam: Faith vs. Fanatics:' Arizona" got a very interesting comment today.

The gist of it is that the Crusades were bad, and the "Jews were kicked out of Israel by the Romans in the name of Christianity." (In about 70 AD - who knew?!)

And, of course, the Christian attack on Muslims is done by: "Murderers in uniform. Terrorists in uniform. Rapists in uniform. Then these blood-sucking hindus."

It's interesting reading, from several points of view.

Quite seriously: I think this is an excellent insight into the alternatively-factual history and view of current events which many people, Islamic and otherwise, use as a basis for decisions.

Also, I think that the comment is a good example of emotion overcoming reason.

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Jeff Wills said...

Very interesting. Your comments were well done. It is too bad that Tufail doesn't have a page we can visit. I will be checking to see if the conversation continues.

Brian H. Gill said...



We'll see if there is follow-up.

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