Thursday, March 6, 2008

Embrace Peace or I'll Kill You! Times Square Blast Linked to Peacenik(s)

Peace-loving bombers. Looks like they're back. One, anyway.

That explosion at a recruiting office in Times square this morning seems to be connected to the War on Terror: hardly a surprise, but other possibilities existed.

A handful of letters have been sent to Congresspersons. All of them Democrats, according to an unnamed police source.

"The letters sent to Capitol Hill contained at least one picture of the station, apparently before the attack, a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation told CNN.

"Police knew of fewer than 10 of the letters that had been received by members of Congress, a second law enforcement source said.

"The letters were all received by Democrats, another law enforcement source said.

"They contained a picture of a man standing in front of the recruiting station with the statement "We did it," according to an e-mail sent by the office of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California, and obtained by CNN"

There's more at the CNN article, " Letters after Times Square bombing claim: 'We did it'" CNN, (March 6, 2008): and more detail about the letters at "We Did It' Letters Eyed in NY Bombing" Washington Post (March 6, 2008).

A columnist (columnist, not communist) wrote, "... AP says manifesto was anti-Iraq war screed, 'Happy New Year, We did it;' Newsday: At least 10 got the package" - Michelle Malkin (March 6, 2008). The Washington Post's AP article was more restrained, calling what was enclosed with the picture, "approximately 10 sheets of paper that seemed to be a political manifesto railing against the Iraq war."

This sort of thing has happened before, in 2005:
  • May, 2005: British Consulate
  • October, 2005: Mexican Consulate (near there, anyway)
Those times, a cyclist was around shortly before the explosion. At almost exactly the same time of night - or morning - and the May, 2005, bomb was similar to the one that busted up the Times Square recruitment center.

There may not be a connection, but police have to consider the possibility that the incidents are connected.

I get the impression that it's not nice to remember the 'dark side' of the sixties. As someone pointed out (accurately enough), when the Army Math Research Center at the University of Wisconsin at Sterling Hall was bombed, only killed one person and injured four.

Besides, Dr. Robert Fassnacht was a physicist, probably in league with the military-industrial complex. Who knows, his superconductivity research might have been used to kill innocent Vietnamese babies, or something.

I'm disappointed, but not surprised, by what happened in Times Square today. For years, there hasn't been much more than a steady stream of vitriol from people who
  • Hate war
    (a reasonable attitude)
  • Hate America and/or the American military
    (exercising a right defended by the American military)
  • Feel that it's the Yankees that who cause war
    (a debatable point at best)
With emotions whipped to a fever-pitch by the presidential election and the refusal of some American leaders to ignore deadly threats, I won't be surprised if there aren't more 'statements' like today's.
1That may seem "obvious," but there were other possibilities. The explosion could have been:
  • A mistake, where a dyslexic carrier delivered the device to the wrong address
  • The last phase of a protection shakedown, directed at people living or working over the recruitment office
  • A nefarious plot by the American military machine, to direct attention away from their demolition of the Twin Towers on 9/11 2
Remember, I said "possibilities," not probabilities.

2I'm nowhere near 'intelligent' enough to believe that - but the odds are that this notion has already been serious posted.

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