Monday, March 3, 2008

Not all Terrorist Attacks are Against America and the West

Unless you count Thailand as part of "the west."

"Muslim insurgency stokes fear in southern Thailand" International Herald Tribune (February 25, 2008) describes "a brutal Muslim separatist insurgency in southern Thailand that has taken as many as 2,000 lives in three years, with almost- daily bombings, drive-by shootings, arson and beheadings."

The Islamic "insurgents" are trying to whip up hatred between Thailand's Buddhist majority and Muslims. " 'Buddhist monks have been hacked to death, clubbed to death, bombed and burned to death,' said Sunai Phasuk, a political analyst with the Human Rights Watch monitoring group. 'This has never happened before. This is a new aspect of violence in the south.' "

Terrorism? Yes.

Islamic? Yes. Although there is probably something of a territorial motive in the Thai insurgency.

Directed against America and/or the west? Hardly, unless any relatively stable, economically successful regime is, by definition, considered "western."

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