Friday, January 25, 2008

What if Islamic Hackers Turned Out the Lights in America?

Hackers put out the lights in several cities recently, all of them outside America. Utilities engineers learned this from a senior CIA analyst, Tom Donahue, at a trade conference.

Last March, the "Aurora Generator Test" showed that a hole in software used by American utilities could let a hacker destroy a large electrical generator, creating a fireworks display in the process. That particular hole has been patched, but there could be others.

And, it's possible that Islamic terrorists will cut power in American cities.

If they do, the jihadists may do an unintended favor for those people who are upset about Muslim communities having babies faster than their non-Muslim neighbors.

The Great Northeast Blackout of 1965, and others in 1977 and 2003, resulted in millions of people having time on their hands, with no electronic distractions. I understand that there was a distinct spike in the birthrate in blacked-out areas, nine months after the outages.

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