Sunday, January 20, 2008

Freedom of Speech and "Human Rights"

"Ezra Levant Takes Down Canadian 'Human Rights' Commission"

You may not agree with what this lawyer says, but you should be interested in that post and its videos. Particularly if you have opinions, and want to discuss them in public.

"Ezra Levant is a lawyer, blogger, and journalist who was recently compelled to appear before a “human rights” commission in Alberta, Canada, to account for his decision to publish the Danish cartoons of Mohammed in Western Standard Magazine. Full details on his battle for freedom of speech and the press in Canada are on Ezra Levant’s blog." (

What's in the post:

Videos of the interview: (also on YouTube)
  • Opening statement (print version available)
  • What was your intent?
  • The real violence in Edmonton
  • I don’t answer to the state
  • Entitled to my opinion?
  • How does the commission make decisions?
  • Closing argument
  • Details of the complaint
Free speech for the counterjihad: Why we are all in this together

This post repeated on "Apathetic Lemming of the North."

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