Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sarah Palin AKA 'Caribou Barbie' - News, Politics, and Cheesecake

Yes: Sarah Palin is an attractive woman. But, are her legs really that important?

Newsweek did, to their credit, write about the hacking of the Obama and McCain campaigns' computers. In fact, Newsweek used about as much space to cover the hacking, as they gave to "'Caribou Barbie'" - their account of Sarah Palin's wardrobe.

Can't the News Media Get Over Sarah Palin's Legs?

Newsweek led the page covering campaign hacking and 'Caribou Barbie' with another picture of feet in high heels.

What is it about Sarah Palin's legs? I acknowledge that she's rather good-looking, but if the news is going to go cheesecake when it comes to women politicians, someone should tell them that there are parts of a woman's anatomy which are at least as interesting as her ankles. For most of us guys, anyway.

And, if Newsweek is going to cover Sarah Palin's "outrageous profligacy" (their term), and lead with those sexy gams, let's get something that'll really get attention. Surely someone out there, some 'anonymous source,' has a receipt or invoice for lingerie that the vice-presidential candidate bought. Or at least, that someone with the initials "S.P." bought.

Don't laugh: next election, a candidate's underwear may become a major issue. Between the number of women in politics and what seems to go on in the minds of news editors, I think it could happen.

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