Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Here's Something You Don't See Every Day: Iraqi City Officials Ask for Military Action

It looked like something didn't add up:
  • "The US must launch a widespread offensive against Syria to have any hope of taking control of al-Qaeda's last bastion in Iraq, it has been claimed...."
  • "MOSUL, IRAQ // Syria has been helping US and Iraqi troops catch extremists trying to cross the border, a US military intelligence official said in an interview with The National...."
The first excerpt is how an article in the British started. The second is from The National, a publication of the Abu Dhabi Media Company.

Both could be accurate - as far as they go. The Abu Dhabi publication seems to be concerned with showing how cooperative Syria is, while the British article presents a departure from the standard-issue 'Yankee Go Home' line that mainstream news editors seem to like.

What's really going on?

My take on this is that terrorists have bases of operation in Syria. The Syrian government is either unable or unwilling - maybe both - to do much about them. And the terrorists are doing what terrorists do.

In the news:

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