Tuesday, November 4, 2008

America 2008: A Fair, Well-Run Election, Mostly

Well, so far I haven't read about any polling places being blown up, or raided by guys in white sheets: so some of the worst-case scenarios haven't panned out.

Election 2008: Nothing to See Here, Folks

In a nation with hundreds of millions of citizens, and quite a few voters, a national election is bound to have a few glitches here and there
Intimidation? Ain't No Intimidation Here
A polling station in Philadelphia apparently had two Black Panthers standing outside: one with a nightstick. For some reason, a voter or two felt intimidated. By the time a reporter showed up, police had collected the guy with the nightstick - again, apparently.

Not to worry: the other Black Panther said that he was a certified observer.
Some of Our Voters are Missing
Lugoff, South Carolina, isn't having a good day. A Gregory Holden wrote: "Many people who have always voted in this precinct are all of a sudden not on the roll," and: "They only have five machines and there are about 300 people in line. People are so discouraged some are leaving," which I suppose could be seen as a sort of Darwinian 'survival of the stubbornist.'

These things happen. I had to fill in the ovals on two sides of a ballot with a ballpoint pen: which isn't as easy as it sounds.
Oh, Dry Up! No, Really: Dry Up
Water dripping from Virginia voters onto optical-scan ballots makes the ballots impossible to process - until they're dried out. The ballots, that is. A Virginia official recommended that voters in that state dry off before filling out the ballots. (I'm not making this up.)

Not to worry: the ballots will be dried out, and run through the scanner: later.
Attention Democrats! The Election's Been Delayed
I'd love to know if anyone believed this hoax: It seems that people in these states got text messages telling Democrats to vote Wednesday.
  • Texas
  • Missouri
  • Mississippi
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
For the record, Wednesday is tomorrow. The election's today. Tomorrow, it'll be too late to vote.
Attention, Republicans! Your Polling Place has Been Changed
Meanwhile, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, It sounds like Republicans are getting calls, telling them that their voting location's been changed.

Hey, no big? right?

A guy with a nightstick here, missing voters there, a wack text message: These things happen.

I wish they wouldn't, though.

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