Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Petraeus Says 'Talk to the Taliban'

The idea of talking with the Taliban isn't as crazy as it sounds.

General Petraeus' idea is to start dealing with "less extreme" elements of the Taliban. Something like this was done in Iraq, when America talked with Sunni tribes who eventually helped kick Al Qaeda out of Iraq.1

If the plan goes through, the Afghan government will be handling the talks: with "active participation" by America.

I think it makes sense. Individuals, and groups, may have many reasons for teaming up with the Taliban - if they're not like the Iraqi kooks who killed a man for wearing trousers, and not praying.

In the news: 1 I know: there's still trouble in Iraq. But nowhere near as much as earlier. Following the annoying success of common-sense diplomacy and the troop surge, Marines have pulled out of Fallujah, and a football pitch (soccer pitch to Americans) has replaced terrorist rocket launchers in a Baghdad park.

Don't tell the Code Pink crowd, though. They might get (more) upset.


Straight Talk on McCain said...

When will we finally get to know the real McCain? http://straighttalkonmccain.blogspot.com/

Brian H. Gill said...

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Brian H. Gill said...

Straight Talk on McCain,

I took a quick glance at your blog.

An excerpt from a recent post" " 'No one will delay the World Series game with an infomercial when I'm president,' so said John McCain. Of course, how a president has the power to decide when a baseball game starts I have no clue. But once again, McCain is just trying to score cheap political points...."

That, added to your rhetorical "When will we finally get to know the real McCain?" hints that your views are somewhere this side of those I discussed in "Obama's a Radical Muslim; McCain's a Racist: Facts, Mud and the Anonymous Expert" (October 7, 2008) - but that you regard Barack Obama as the better candidate.

Taking the question in a non-rhetorical sense, I think we will "finally" get to know the real McCain long after the next eight years are gone.

However, I'm pretty sure that a preliminary evaluation can be make of the McCain presidency - or the Obama presidency - within a couple of years.

I do not regard McCain as a perfect candidate, by any means.

But I'd much rather discover what sort of president he makes, than Obama.

I touch on reasons in "Barack Obama's Redistributive Change " (October 29, 2008).

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