Thursday, October 16, 2008

About Somali Monkeys, Mohammed's Mother, and Other Strange Comments

Comments on this blog get a bit out of hand sometimes. Recently, it was "Somali Buccaneer monkeys," and now someone opining that the Blessed Prophet is in "the Hell."

گایا - حزب سبز لبه تاریکی ایران Was Posting from: Iran?!

The same comment was left on two recent posts, by گایا - حزب سبز لبه تاریکی ایران : The comment has extremely tenuous relevance to the Sarah Palin/Doonsbury/action figure post, and none that I can detect to the ACORN post.

I ran that (name?) گایا - حزب سبز لبه تاریکی ایران through an Arabic-English translator, and came up with "گایا - the heart of تاریکی Party Sabz, Iran."

Which is a little odd, since the message claims to have originated in Iran, where Persian is the dominant language. I'd have expected an attempt to translate Persian with an Arabic template to come out as gibberish.

Even more oddness: the TextCat Language Guesser Demo identified it as Turkish.

Whatever language گایا - حزب سبز لبه تاریکی ایران uses, گایا - حزب سبز لبه تاریکی ایران has left comments before. Rambling, somewhat incoherent comments: and those were the parts I could read.

This is Important: I do Not Necessarily Agree With Comments on This Blog

Last month, someone referred to pirates who were holding that ship with the Ukranian/Russian tanks as "Somali Buccaneer monkeys." ("Somali Pirates, Barbary Pirates, Ransom, and the War on Terror" (September 28, 2008), comment left October 11, 2008)

I don't approve of what the pirates are doing, but I wouldn't use a racial slur like that, either.

Today, I find two identical comments, in a wide variety of languages. The English part says:

"Iranian young people shout to all world peoples: Islam is a Satanic religion.We understand, 'Mohammed messenger of Allah' has created a satanic religion and he has created a savagery culture .his mother was prostitute, and his girl was prostitute. Now 'Mohammed messenger of Allah' is in the Hell."

I'm letting these comments stay, for now at least, but I do not agree with them. I'm a devout Catholic, and so am specifically ordered to not judge other people (Catechism, 1861). As for those colorful details of the Prophet's life, I'd appreciate reading a legitimate Islamic view on that topic.

Whoever posted this " in the Hell" comment closed with:

"this is posted from Iran


I know enough about spoofing to know that the post could have come from anywhere.

I Could Use Some Help Here

  • If you recognize the language that گایا - حزب سبز لبه تاریکی ایران uses as a name, let me know - with a source that will allow me, and readers, to verify your statement
  • Have you received comments like this on your blog? If so, please leave a comment on this post

Why Go to This Trouble?

There are three comments from گایا - حزب سبز لبه تاریکی ایران now. The earlier one was on "Honor Killing is Against Islam, Islamic Party Members Say" (September 7, 2008) post.

I can't know why گایا - حزب سبز لبه تاریکی ایران posts these messages, but I can guess. There are quite a few possibilities.
  • A kid with way too much free time may be 'having fun' with current events
  • Someone whose beliefs fit the liberal's view of rednecks may think that this is a way of discrediting Islam
  • A Lion of Islam may think that this is a way of showing how despicable and blasphemous blogs like this are
    • It's not as crazy as it sounds: the idea might be to 'show' what sort of blaspheming unbelievers read such blogs
  • Iran's equivalent of Sixties campus radicals may be 'educating' the world, using this blog (and, I suspect, others) as a platform
Or, the explanation could be something completely different.

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