Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Inside Islam: Faith vs. Fanatics:" France

French filmmaker Mohammed Sifaoui decided to infiltrate an Islamic group in France.

Sifaoui claimed to be a journalist who would make a propaganda film for them.

He is under a death sentence, and had 24/7 French police protection: a fatwa was issued against him when the nature of his undercover work became known.

He was soon joined by a Danish lawmaker.

Remember the Danish cartoon scandal?

A small group of imams, particularly Abu Laban, decided to make the 'anti-Islam' cartoons a global issue.

Sifaoui found out that the Danish cartoons weren't good - or bad - enough, so Abu Laban added a few drawings and an offensive photograph when he went to the Middle East to get support.

In the Middle East, Muslims rioted.

Back in Europe, Naser Khader, Danish politician, became the target of a bomb threat. By Abu Laban's group. Naser Khader had a medical incident involving his heart, was rushed to hospital.

Abu Laban was brought in for questioning, and explained that the death threats were a joke. Then he was released.

FOX News Commentary: PBS big bosses got wind of the allegations of liberal bias being behind the axing of "Islam v. Islamist" - and the U.S. Inspector General is now investigating.

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Tapline said...

Brian, I just found your blog and spent the past 30 minutes reading your series on Islam. It was excellent. got your blog address from American Interest.....stay well....

Brian H. Gill said...


Thank you for the encouragement!

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