Sunday, October 21, 2007

Things Take Time: World War II Timeline

"A time-line of World War II" is a good reminder of how much time elapsed during World War II, from the book burnings to the end of hostilities.

And, it's not anywhere near as clearly-defined as the situation in many of those old WWII movies.

I'd be surprised in the war on terror takes as little time as the last global war did. Then, there were a fairly small number of well-defined centers of power. And, it was possible to move in and conquer those centers.

The Islamic fanatics that are on the move now are nowhere near as centralized as Germany, Japan and the other Axis powers.

Another point: Take a look at who did (and didn't do) what in WWII. The good guys/bad guys division was no more clear then, than it is now.

So remember: the war on terror doesn't resemble the plot line of a Hollywood blockbuster; because it's happening in the real world.

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