Friday, October 26, 2007

No Casualties in Anbar - Violence Down in Iraq

Good news from Iraq.

Yesterday, for the first time since March of 2003, there were no military casualties in Anbar.

No American casualties, No Iraqi casualties.

None, zero, zip.

Joint Chiefs spokesman Major General Richard Sherlock made that statement Wednesday.

This looks impressive:
Violence in and around Baghdaddown 59 %
Car bombsdown 65 %
Casualties from car bombs and roadside bombsdown 80 %
Casualties from enemy attacksdown 77 %
Operations against Iraqi security forcesdown 62 %
Assassination attempts for sectarian reasonsdown 72 %

I may be over-simplifying, or being naive, but this really does look like good news. For America and Iraq, at least.

Two things happened in Iraq this year:
  • The Anbar Awakening - sheiks decided that Al Qaeda in Iraq wasn't good for Iraq.
    (They were thinking about it before September, when Sheikh Abdul Sattar Abu Risha's assassination helped make up their minds.)
  • The troop surge that peaked in June, 2007.
At the risk of being simplistic, I think that talking with the sheiks in Iraq, while making a determined effort to weed out terrorists who were beheading and blowing up Iraqis, may have resulted in today's good news.

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