Friday, October 26, 2007

Jamal Badawi Blew Up USS Cole, Yemen Released Him

The former USS Cole commander said that Yemen's release of Jamal Badawi, Al Qaeda leader and planner of the 2000 Cole attack, shows that Yemen is not a reliable ally in the war on terror.

I disagree.

I'd say that Yemen is a quite reliable ally: but not America's.

Jamal Badawi's plan killed 17 American sailors. Yemen's government
  1. Sentenced Badawi to death
  2. Commuted the sentence to 15 years
  3. Released Badawi, after he pledged loyalty to the Yemeni President
Somewhere in there, Jamal Badawi escaped. Twice.


I try to provide links to relatively reliable sources in these posts. That won't happen this time. For one thing, I heard this little gem of Middle East justice on a news program, without an opportunity to nail down exactly where the information was coming from. For another, I can't find anything about Jamal Badawi's good news on the Web.

Finally, since I've spent more time than I should on this blog already today, I've got to quit.

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