Thursday, October 25, 2007

America Declared Sanctions Against Iranian Armed Forces

America has declared sanctions against Irans Revolutionary Guard, and about two dozen Iranian entities that the RG controls: including companies and individuals.

This is historic, since it's the first time that America has made these sorts of sanctions against the armed forces of another country.

I'd see this as good news, except that
  • Sanctions don't have a very good track record, in terms of results.
  • America doesn't trade very much with Iran anyway, thanks to the ayatollah's takeover a few decades back.
  • European countries will, unless things have changed a great deal, go on with business-as-usual with Iran.
The sanctions were, however, definitely a gesture. At least it's now clear that America doesn't approve of the way the Revolutionary Guard of Iran supports terrorism.


Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

And Putting said, only hours after Washington cut off Iranian military and banking institutions from the American financial system,” Why worsen the situation and bring it to a dead end by threatening sanctions or military action … Running around like a madman with a razor blade, waving it around, is not the best way to resolve the situation."

Moreover, why wouldn’t he criticize Washington’s actions after all isn’t Russia is building Iran's first nuclear power plant…

Like you, I question the effectiveness of such sanctions but at least it sends the right message.

You mentioned the Europeans indeed France and Germany do have many a commercial interest with Iran.

Brian H. Gill said...

I'm nowhere near knowing what Putin's Russia us up to.

I don't even have a well-formed prejudice (attempt at humor, there).

Thanks for leaving your words here.

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