Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Inside Islam: Faith vs. Fanatics:" Arizona

Ahmed al Shakira, imam of a big mosque in Arizona, says that Muslims would like to live under sharia law in America - and that it would be perfectly okay here.

(After all, look how will it worked in Afghanistan)

Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, another Muslim, doesn't agree. He tried to organize a Muslim rally against terrorism. According to Ahmed al Shakira, Dr. Jasser is an extremist.

An anti-terrorism rally by Muslims - an extremist move?

(more at American-Islamic Forum for Democracy)

One of the 9/11 hijackers learned to fly in Arizona. Could be a coincidence.

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Unknown said...

The History will tell - Not a Muslims theory. We Muslims are indolent towards the present, what we do with the past? The Christian Historians, the Jewish Historians like Ami Isseroff, they say that we Muslims were once the best in the business, the best in all the fields. This was the time the West calls "Dark Ages". These Western people were during those days engaged with their witchcrafts - incinerating little girls. During this period, the Crusaders knocked hell into us. They killed our men, women and children in millions in the name of Christianity. But we Muslims we got back what we had lost under Salluddin. We came back to power, but we are not sadistic like them. We didn't touch the common Christian. We allowed them to live amidst us. We built Churches for them, we did everything for them. Then the Jews, what we did for them, they can never pay us for that. These Jews were kicked out of Israel by the Romans in the name of Christianity. We muslims came for their rescue under Hazrat Umar (R.A). It were we Muslims who kicked the brutal Romans out and liberated the Jews from their clutches and allowed them to live with us and built synagogues for them. But they chose to live in Europe. Now again they were kicked out from the Europe by the Nazis in the name of Christianity and again we Muslims rescued them from their miseries. It was for our grace and mercy that we gave these Jewish beggars, these miserable people shelter to live. The Hindus of India – For more than 1000 years we ruled their land and gave them equal status. But today all groups are betraying us, they have betrayed us in the past and they are likely to do that for ever. These Christians are hypocrites, lunatics. They say Christ and Love, Christ and Love. Love your enemy as your brother. And we know how much they love we Muslims. Everyday how many innocent people are being killed by the American forces, by the British forces, French forces. How many little children are being murdered. How many women raped. “Collateral Damage”. The Jews pushing us into the sea and what they have done to us in the past, what they are doing to us now is not hidden. Murderers in uniform. Terrorists in uniform. Rapists in uniform. Then these blood-sucking hindus. Overnight they sliced more than 5000 muslims into pieces in Gujarat, India. This was as late as Feb 2002. Pregnant women were raped. Fetuses were wrenched out from the wombs. These were the slum dwelling muslims. Weak people. This was the most shameful incident in the history of mankind.

Why did it happen to us? Because we didn’t follow the Quran. Allah is warning us against all these people. He says in the Quran (Al-Anfal Ch8,V60) that the Muslims should be in peace with the unbelievers ( The Atheists, The Materialists, The Agnostics, The Communists, The so-called Christians, The so-called Jews, The so-called Hindus etc). Live in peace with them but TRUST THEM NOT. Be prepared against them because they can deceive anytime and that’s exactly what they have done. Be prepared with your steeds of war. With the most sophisticated weapons of the time, the Muslims must be prepared. They have proved the Quran. But we Muslims, we failed Islam. Now we are suffering because we didn’t give heed to the Allah’s warning. The people who can betray the prophets what else can you expect from them. They can betray you anytime. Now the only thing left in the Muslims is Islam. You re invoke the spirit of Islam among the people, propagate it and I tell you these unbelievers can do nothing to you. They don’t have enough sperm in their bodies to confront you. Now Islam is the only weapon left with you. Even with their nuclear weapons they can’t destroy Islam. Kill the devils by Islam.

Brian H. Gill said...


Thank you for taking the time to write that comment.

First of all, it's true: Christians are not perfect.

However: "Murderers in uniform. Terrorists in uniform. Rapists in uniform." is, I think, an unrealistic way to describe coalition forces as a group.

On the other hand, it does make good propaganda. Liberal activists in America used "baby killers" in much the same way, during the Vietnam war, to describe American soldiers.

Are Muslims the only terrorists? No. That's fairly obvious. I've had 'east-of-the Middle-East' terrorism brought to my attention before, and will be discussing these events as they come up: in the context of this blog's focus.

Now, a few reality checks:

"Dark Ages" - This is a term used by Western historians and intellectuals, to describe a period in European history when there were no written records. Hence, it was a "dark" age. The Catholic Church had been keeping records throughout that period, as well as before and after, but those records didn't count to the intellectuals, since they were made by Christians. That's an over-simplification, but quite close to the truth.

"Incinerating little girls" I'm not familiar with the immolation of little girls as a routine activity, although atrocities have occurred throughout history. My ancestors were almost certainly involved in periodic human sacrifice to Odin: although I'll point out that the sacrifices were selected from among condemned criminals.

"These Jews were kicked out of Israel by the Romans in the name of Christianity." That's a new one to me. The temple was destroyed, starting the Jewish diaspora, about seven decades into the Christian era. Around that time, Christianity was becoming known to Roman authorities as a very dangerous cult - one which they feared was engaged in cannibalism.

Constantine, who made Christianity legal and official in the Roman world, wouldn't be born for another couple of centuries.

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