Tuesday, October 16, 2007

U.S. Airlines Repaired Overseas, TSA Terror Report Overdue

Oh, Great: Business as usual in Washington.

Congress told the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) to write regulations about U.S. airliners being repaired overseas. Four years ago. The TSA was told to do a lot of other things, too, like figure out ways to protect against IEDs.

Now, with national elections just over a year away, our leaders in Congress are angry: very angry. How, they ask on camera, can this be?

Here's a reasonable guess: Congress is better at giving orders than giving resources to get the orders done; and the TSA is a bureaucracy, and so nearly incompetent at dealing with a new situation.

I don't think that who's right and who's wrong in Washington is anywhere near as important as American officials realizing that there's a war on.

"Another War-on-Terror Blog" isn't political, but politicos are inextricably tangled in decisions in all countries. And that means that, sooner or later, the issue of how - and whether - to keep religious loons from killing Americans and other infidels (1), will rub against the political world.

(1) Yes, I know that quite a number of Americans are Muslims. But I get the impression that outfits like the Taliban and Al Qaeda lump all Yankees together.

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