Friday, October 19, 2007

"Long Live Bhutto" Banner: Why English?

I wondered about the "Long Live Bhutto" banner - in English - in photos My first thought was that the banner was intended for an English-speaking audience, probably the UK, the Commonwealth, or America. The Commonwealth was my best bet, since Pakistan is a member, again: I think. That country has popped in and out a couple of times.

A little checking showed that English is an official language of Pakistan:
  • 48% Punjabi
  • 12% Sindhi
  • 10% Siraiki (Punjabi, with differences)
  • 8% Pashtu
  • 8% Urdu (an official language)
  • 3% Balochi
  • 2% Hindko
  • 1% Brahui
  • English (also an official language, and
    the lingua franca of Pakistani elite
    and most government ministries)
  • 8% Burushaski and other languages
So, that banner is most likely a symbol of pan-Pakistani support, more than an effort to get on the evening news.

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