Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Common Sense in School!
Ramadan Joins Halloween, Christmas

Elizabeth Zahdan helped put up holiday decorations at an Oak Lawn school last year.

Then, she asked if Ramadan could be added to the school holidays.

What the news politely calls a "debate" seems to have been sorted out now. Along the line, the Oak Lawn schools almost lost all their religious and sort-of-religious holidays.

At this point, Ramadan, Halloween, and Christmas are on the recognized holiday list. That makes sense, considering that about 30% of the kids are Muslims.

"'I want everyone to be equally acknowledged. I never demanded that no one can celebrate. I never said take Christmas away,' Zahdan said at the meeting before the board went into a closed session."

Hats off to the Chicago suburb's school system. It's nice to see common sense break out here and there.

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