Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Film Not Approved by PBS,
Nation of Islam, or the
Islamic Society in Denmark

I spent a hectic ninety minutes last night, writing and posting a quick synopsis with a few comments, while watching "Inside Islam: Faith vs. Fanatics,."

The result isn't even close to a transcript, but sketches out the film's content.

PBS spent quite a bit of money on "Inside Islam..." before they saw what the producers and directors were doing. It was called "Islam vs. Islamists" at that point. The PBS bosses involved tried sending a Nation of Islam representative to shadow and guide the crew, but somehow the filmmakers got it 'wrong,' anyway.

Since "Islam vs. Islamists" was "alarmist" and "overreaching" (PBS version), or insufficiently liberal and non-pc (filmmakers' version), PBS cut the film from their "America at a Crossroads" series. They've cautiously released it to single television stations, well outside the major markets, but carefully kept this "alarming" film from national view.

Until last night, when it ran on FOX News Channel with the title "Inside Islam: Faith vs. Fanatics" and with FOX News interviews and commentary between segments.

I hope you saw it. If not, I tried to catch the high points of "Inside Islam: Faith vs. Fanatics" on this series of posts.

Better yet, get a DVD of the complete "Islam v. Islamist" DVD at

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