Friday, March 18, 2011

Libya, an Alleged Cease-Fire, and Diplomacy

The Libyan colonel says that he has seen the light, and has declared a cease fire. No longer shall he send troops against those who oppose him. Come, let us talk, seems to be his message.

Folks who think that Muammar Abu Minyar al-Qadhafi (Qaddafi? Gaddafi?), isn't a good leader for Libya say that they're still getting shot at.

I'm inclined to believe the rebels. Or whatever we're supposed to call the folks in Benghazi.

The Libyan colonel does not have a good record, in my opinion. Although I'll admit to a bias. I do not think that making arrangements for dropping Pan Am flight 103 on Lockerbie was a nice thing to do.

In my opinion, though, yesterday's United Nations Security Council resolution was a good idea: and perhaps the best that could be accomplished in today's world, under current circumstances.

Diplomacy may achieve something besides giving journalists something to write about: and military forces, operating under the United Nations resolution, seem to be making concrete plans for action against the colonel's enforcers.

As I wrote yesterday, war is not nice. But sometimes stern declarations and sweet reason aren't enough.

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