Friday, March 18, 2011

Iran, Dubious Equipment, and a Nuclear Weapons Program that Doesn't Exist

Maybe it's all a big mistake. Maybe the equipment headed from China to Iran really isn't intended for a nuclear weapons program.

Maybe Iran really doesn't have a nuclear weapons program. The last I heard, that was still the official line.

Maybe Iran's rulers have facilities for making weapons-grade heavy metal, and maintain a stockpile of long-range nuclear-capable missiles, because they need to generate electricity.


I think Iran's ayatollahs are serious about wanting to 'defend' their particular flavor if Islam from the 'great Satan America.' And anybody else who doesn't agree with them. (December 31, 2007)

I also think that Iran's ayatollahs aren't the only outfit that doesn't like the idea of folks speaking their mind and being allowed to watch beer commercials. And that's another topic. Topics.

Here's what got me started:
"Malaysian police said Friday that they had found equipment they suspect could be used to make nuclear weapons smuggled on board a ship headed to Iran.

"National police chief Ismail Omar told The Associated Press that the cargo was seized from a Malaysian-registered ship traveling from China to Tehran while it was docked at a central Malaysia harbor. Authorities are investigating whether the equipment could be used to make nuclear weapons.

"Malaysian International Shipping Corp. confirmed in a statement to the AP that police confiscated two containers from the MV Bunga Raya Satu on March 8. It said a freight forwarder had declared the contents as 'goods used for liquid mixing or storage for pharmaceutical or chemical or food industry.'..."
(Associated Press, via
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