Monday, February 1, 2010

Space Patrol? Defending Cyberspace? Looks Like

"US military responsibilities to expand"
Financial Times (January 31 2010)
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"The US will take on a broader range of military responsibilities, including defending space and cyberspace, in spite of growing pressure on budgets, a long-awaited administration report is set to conclude on Monday.

"Robert Gates, US defence secretary, is due to unveil the Obama administration's Quadrennial Defense Rev­iew, which shifts emphasis from the post-cold war doctrine that the US is able to fight two 'major regional conflicts' at one time.

"According to a December draft, the US military will restructure its forces to 'prevail in today's wars' and buy more of the helicopters and unmanned drones that have proved their worth in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the draft also highlights 'a multiplicity of threats', including cyber­attacks and anti-satellite weapons, as well as terrorist groups and the prospect of more nuclear weapon states...."
This is hardly 'business as usual.' On the other hand, the American armed forces have been dealing with the real world for well over two centuries now: and I'm confident that they'll continue to do so.

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