Saturday, June 6, 2009

Arkansas Vigil Interrupted by Enthusiastic Muslima

Odds are, you won't see this on the evening news:

"Jihadist crashes memorial"

keeparkansaslegal, YouTube (June 5, 2009)
video 7:31

You may have to wait for a while for this video to load.

The Atlas Shrugged post, linked below, gives a few excerpts from this Islamic enthusiast's words:
"...This is a memorial to a dead soldier and she is screaming 'Jesus was Muslim' and talking about the religious freedom in Egypt. "Christian churches and Catholics in Egypt practice freely'.'Jesus is not G-d's son!'..."
She also seems to think that 9/11 was an inside job.

  • "Bush is a terrorist who invaded Iraq."
  • "If you do research, about The New York Times and the Fox News they're owned by who? Jews! They're liars! They're liars!..."
Quite a few of the 'best and brightest' Americans would agree with her on the first point. The second point, that "the Jews" own The New York Times and Fox News, is actually within rock-throwing distance of the truth. (October 21, 2008)

I don't think that all Muslims are like this remarkable woman, any more than I think that the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, is an example of typical Christianity.

Conspiracies, Shape-Shifting Lizard People, and Common Sense

As I've written before, every group has its crazies.

It's possible that some vast conspiracy controls the global news media, suppressing what all the nice, sensible Muslims who don't blow up other people - and occasionally themselves - are saying and doing. It's also possible that Earth is controlled by space alien shape-shifting lizard people. It's just not very likely.

If there were some sort of conspiracy, I'd expect the woman in this video to be featured on tonight's news, and everything from Oprah to The Tonight Show for the next month or two. She'd be a wonderfully cooperative example of what some people might view as a 'typical' Muslim. As it is, I strongly suspect that she'll return to the comparative anonymity she enjoyed before her on-camera outbursts.

Which is, for the sake of both herself and her family, probably just as well. It seems to me that she has enough troubles, without the added stress of being a celebrity.

All Muslims are Not Like This Woman

The Muslima in this video is, in a way, a pitiable individual. Listen not so much to her (alternatively-factual) words, but to the tone in her voice: particularly later in the video, where she's gotten past 9/11 conspiracies, terrorist Bush and lying Jews. There's what I think is sadness in her insistence that Islam is a peaceful religion.

And, for some, it is.

A group of Muslims in New York City sponsored a series of subway ads last July. I think that was a good idea.

And, a welcome relief from tentative statements that blowing up other people isn't right, unless they're threatening Islam, or are bad people. Then, there was Saudi Arabia's jihad rehab, that cured terrorists of committing terroristic acts - against Saudi Arabia.

Two years ago, the Fiqh Council of North America's carefully-worded statement that "civilians" were not proper targets was about as good as it got. (August 19, 2007) Whether or not this is what the Fiqh Council of North America had in mind, it's very easy for someone to take their statement, say that whoever is hated most at the moment is an 'enemy of Islam,' and the target becomes a tactical day-care center, church, or whatever: certainly nothing 'civilian' about it.

As I've said before, "with friends like these, does Islam need enemies?"

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A tip of the hat to Whtwzrd, on Twitter, for the heads-up on the Atlas Shrugged post.

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