Saturday, April 24, 2010

Holiday Inn Raid in Monterrey, Mexico? What Raid?

More news about the raid(s) on Monterrey, Mexico, hotels. But not all that much:I've been checking American news services, for the most part. That little affair, involving dozens of attackers and roadblocks, was reported by BBC, too, - among others.Looks like the 50 - give or take - attackers knew who their targets were, and achieved their goal. Also that this looks like another operation involving Mexico's non-legal drug industry.

So why is this raid close to being a non-event that never happened?

Drug Lord Troops Seize hotel, Not News: So, What is 'News?'

Maybe Mexican drug lords sending their troops to seize someone who has incurred their wrath isn't very interesting. Not when there are riveting events to report on, like:Sure:
  • There may be something improper about Goldman Sachs acting like an investment firm dealing with an economic downturn.
    • Or, not
  • Tornadoes are powerful and unpredictable
    • Therefore, exciting.
  • As for following in the footsteps of such luminaries as Thomas Nast and Maria Monk: well, that's natural enough, in American culture.
    • I've discussed that sort of thing in another blog. (I'm one of those Catholics, and not appropriately apologetic about my faith: so you may not want to follow that link.)
I think American news media has a tendency to be very - sensitive - about making Mexico's leadership look bad, giving the impression to American readers that Mexico is anything other than a thriving modern nation. Unless Yankee imperialism can be blamed.

Honestly, though, it looks like the new-car smell of "Yankee imperialism" has faded. We're seeing new slogans, these days:

So What?

As I wrote before, I'd be somewhat surprised to learn that the Monterrey raid(s) were directly connected to the War on Terror.

On the other hand, I think the reticent and restrained coverage of this event is a pretty good case-in-point for why it's important to study the news: not just read it.

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