Sunday, July 19, 2009

Iran: Shadi Sadr, Human Rights Lawyer, Snatched

Shadi Sadr is a "human rights lawyer," or a "feminist lawyer," depending on which account you read. That important point is that she seems to have been, ah, detained by the ayatollahs' government.

Beating and kidnapping a "human rights lawyer" - no matter what order those actions came in - just isn't nice. It's not much better if it can be presented as an "arrest."

I'm not going to work on the sympathy approach. I'm not at all sure of the social status of lawyers, here in America, as more people realize how much wacky lawsuits cost them.

It does appear, though, that one more person in Iran has been - and, most likely, is being - punished for expressing ideas that the country's leaders find distasteful.

That's not right.

And, in the long run, I think it's self-destructive. The ayatollahs' methods for crushing criticism of their alleged presidential election - and what they've done to Iran - doesn't seem to be quieting down.

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