Sunday, June 21, 2009

Truck Bombing in Iraq: Lions of Islam Hit Another Mosque

I see in the headlines that yesterday's truck bombing near a mosque near Kirkuk, Iraq, is more than the familiar news.

It was in Taza, a town roughly 10 miles southwest of the Iraqi city.

The body count from yesterday's bombing in Kirkuk, Iraq, is now 80. The number of wounded is 211, and 50 or more buildings were destroyed. Apparently it was the most destructive bombing in Iraq so far this year. (CNN)
"...Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki called the attack a 'heinous terrorist crime.'..." (CNN)
I think the Iraqi Prime Minister is spot-on with his description of the bombing.

What is it With the Lions of Islam and Mosques?

I've been impressed with the way that people who claim to be defending Islam so often send a personal representative to make sure that a mosque gets damaged or destroyed in one of their attacks.

I suspect that this preference hasn't escaped the notice of Muslims, either.

If this keeps up, more may follow the example of Mohammed Shaikh and his mosque in Toronto.

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