Friday, June 5, 2009

Tiananmen Square Commemoration in Hong Kong: No Tanks

The people with the candles said there were 150,000 people commemorating the Tiananmen Square protests and massacre in Beijing, China, 20 years ago. Hong Kong police say there were 63,000.

What's remarkable is that the people and their candles were there at all. The vigil, organized by the Hong Kong Alliance, is the only (public) commemoration of the Tinanmen Square event on Chinese soil.

Another remarkable thing is what didn't happen: no tanks, no armored personnel carriers, no dead bodies.

China's leaders are trying to erase their subjects' memories of the Tiananmen Square events: but at least they've learned not to shoot them. On camera, at least.

That's progress.

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A tip of the hat to markstoneman, on Twitter, for the heads-up on this event.

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