Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Terrorism East of Lahore

Posts about terrorism in and east of Pakistan, and south of Egypt: About This Blog's Focus

"Another War on Terror Blog" focuses, as the title says, on the War on Terror: which I see as the struggle between Jihadist Muslims and anyone they think isn't sufficiently Islamic. As far as I can tell, the Islam of Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and like-minded organizations wants to impose its values and customs on the Islamic world: and to convert or destroy the rest.

Like it or not, what's at stake are the guarantees of individual liberty which began in 13th century Europe with the Magna Carta, and became global concerns after 18th century American and European revolutions.

The greatest obstacle to fundamentalist Islam, and the best chance we have of preserving individual freedom, is the United States of America. I am afraid that there is no other country with both the willingness to deal with the realities of this 21st century jihad, and the power to both defeat the Islamic zealots and help the victims of terrorism rebuild their countries.

That, and my being an American, will keep this blog focused on terrorism in and connected to the Middle East or Islam.

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Note! Although I believe that these websites and blogs are useful resources for understanding the War on Terror, I do not necessarily agree with their opinions. 1 1 Given a recent misunderstanding of the phrase "useful resources," a clarification: I do not limit my reading to resources which support my views, or even to those which appear to be accurate. Reading opinions contrary to what I believed has been very useful at times: sometimes verifying my previous assumptions, sometimes encouraging me to change them.

Even resources which, in my opinion, are simply inaccurate are sometimes useful: these can give valuable insights into why some people or groups believe what they do.

In short, It is my opinion that some of the resources in this blogroll are neither accurate, nor unbiased. I do, however, believe that they are useful in understanding the War on Terror, the many versions of Islam, terrorism, and related topics.