Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Bhutto Assassination:
Gun = Government Involvement?

I've heard a plausible explanation for why the Pakistani Interior Ministry tried to find a cause of death other than a bullet.

According to someone I heard on cable news,* the Pakistani on the street is likely to assume government involvement, if a gun was involved in the assassination. That would explain a lot.

I'm a little surprised. Pakistan has never been cited by gun control advocates as a country with effective control over whether law-abiding citizens own weapons or not. On the other hand, in the videos showing the probably assassin, he's holding a handgun.

I understand that handguns take more training to use effectively than rifles: so maybe it's the handgun that points to government involvement. Reasonable or not, it's probably easier to imagine a government agent attached to that handgun.
* About that "someone I heard:" I don't like giving that kind of citation, but it's as good as I've got. I wasn't looking at the screen, and didn't catch the name or title of the speaker.

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