Friday, January 25, 2008

Eating Chickens Leads to Global Warming and Terrorism?

An ad, promoting Dubai-based Al-Arabiya's news, reveals that ordering chicken leads to:
  • Chickens being raised in Brazil, leading to
  • Grain being stored, leading to
  • A cargo ship spewing smoke, leading to
  • An iceberg melting, leading to
  • Islands sinking, leading to
  • Islanders in refugee camps, leading to
  • Terrorists, which lead to
  • Disruption of green soybeans for chickens, leading to
  • " chicken today."
There's more, at "Al Arabiya 'Chickens-to-Terror' Promo Ad Is a Head-Scratcher," including a link to a video of the commercial, with translation.

I'm trying to remember that we may be looking at some very culture-specific humor here, but my first impression is that either someone in Al-Arabiya's marketing department is a few chunks short of a full kebab, or parts of Arabia's culture are getting as ditsy as parts of America's.

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