Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chinese Anti-Carrier Missile: Cause for Concern

The news is calling it a "kill weapon" - which strikes me as a bit redundant.

The point is that there's good reason to believe that China has developed an anti-ship missile that could deliver a carrier-destroying warhead. Anti-missile systems like the Aegis might be able to destroy the missile before it reached its target.

On the other hand, they might not.

The Chinese missile seems to be a modified Dong Feng 21 missile: a ballistic missile with a range of 2,000 kilometers. I think that works out to around 1,250 miles.

So What?

The War on Terror (a term which is no longer officially sanctioned) doesn't involve China, right?

I certainly hope so. But, most of a cyberspy network just happens to be in China: and has been active enough for mainstream news media to mention it.

And, if China did get involved in a conflict with America, and allied itself with Al Qaeda, it wouldn't be the first Odd Couple. Remember Germany and Japan, back in WWII? Things have changed in the sixty years since the ethnically-conscious national socialists in Germany allied themselves with, of all countries, Japan: but I think that's still a reminder that differences don't necessarily make that much of a difference.

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Anonymous said...

To be clear, China is indeed a formidable opponent. As a result, a bipolar world is in the making. That is, unless, the U.S. can attain Primacy at sea.

Brian H. Gill said...

Richard Phillip Nere,

As far as you go, I agree. However, I think "bipolar" is understating it.

In my view, India is rapidly becoming a serious power: and Russia may, if and when it recovers from the Soviet era.

A bit further out, I think Brazil has the resources, physical and cultural, to become a world power.

The same goes for parts of Africa: but (again - in my view) that will have to wait until viable nations can be organized from the post-Versailles debacle. And that will take time, I fear.

Thanks for your comment: I appreciate the input.

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