Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nancy Pelosi's 757, Revisited

Earlier today, I wrote about the persistent rumor that something about Michael Monsoor is a hoax. I'd been going through this blog's statistics, which lets me know what visitors in general are looking for. (I do not track individuals. First, I don't want to, and second, I don't have the technology.)

My guess is that quite a few of the Monsoor hoax visitors are a trifle left-of-center, politically. To even things out, here's a very short retrospective on Nancy Pelosi's 757.

The post on Pelosi's "wasteful" and "extravagant" 757 gets about as many hits as the main Monsoor post. My guess is that people looking up Pelosi's alleged extravagance are a bit right-of-center, politically.

My best guess is that an email, and its mutant clones, about Pelosi's 757 are still making the rounds.

Although I'm no fan of Pelosi's politics: I don't see any scandal there. In fact, I think that Pelosi using a 757, when it's available, makes sense from a security point of view.

America is at war, remember.

Assumptions, Facts, and Living in the Real World

I'll wrap this up with a couple of quotes from that Pelosi post:

"...I've been over this before: assumptions aren't facts. Rumors, or what you heard from some guy, may be true: but they may not be, too...."

"...Sometimes, when I read about, or hear, someone whose connection to this space-time continuum is shaky, I wonder if that person will vote...."

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