Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Florida Power Outage: Not an Attack
But a Reasonable Preview

About 4.4 million people (WSVN) (U.S. Usage - 4,400,000) people are without, or have been without, power in southern Florida.

Miami-Dade Schools are locked down, parents told not to pick up their kids - traffic is a mess, with no traffic lights and twits blowing through intersections.

Just to make things interesting, there's severe weather in the area, including a tornado watch (seems that the tornado warning ended a little while ago).

No, this probably isn't a terrorist attack. That's what Homeland Security is saying. Odds are that we'll learn that a substation had problems, and that the outage spread.

So, why post this in "Another War-on Terror Blog?"

Hackers shut down power in several cities recently, all of them outside America. It's not at all unlikely that terrorists will try to do the same thing in the United States. And, they might succeed.

What's happening in Florida right now is a pretty good preview of what could happen:
  • No traffic signals
  • Snarled traffic and vehicular accidents
  • schools locked down
  • Commuter trains stop running
  • Weather warnings and other emergency information can't be broadcast - and received
  • With luck, backup systems at airports and hospitals work
Latest information, from Florida Power and Light: Two Turkey Point nuclear reactors "tripped offline" for unknown reasons, and so did two oil-fueled generators.

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